Clean-up efforts underway!

Join the Croud

...and/or help us cover the costs!

As in many backyards, we've got a lot of junk sitting around the church. A clean-up campaign has already started but it's a lot of work! We are talking about cubic yards and - literally - tons of old, mostly useless stuff.

Will you join the crew on Saturday, 9/23? Can you contribute financially?

Our math is pretty basic. The dumpster rental is $600... We are also planning to fix the walking path across the yard... Even though it seems to save one just a couple of steps, it's used by people walking from the handicapped parking on Emerson as well as our kids playing outside. The current surface made out of round patio blocks is simply unsafe... We need about 100 16x16'' pavers and some sand to build a new one. That's another $400... 600+400=1000.

Our goal has been met!

Thank you!

... and you, and you, and you! Of course, you -- too!

We've raised what we needed! You've made St.Panteleimon a little cleaner, a little more accessible, a little more organized.

We've also learned a little more about fundraising! Overall, it was a great experience.

The Lord loveth a cheerful giver.

Other Projects

It would be great to get a hand this time around. However, we have many more projects coming up. Please plan accordingly!

Have a look at out short-term to-do list.